Speaker Series - Judo Club

The morning devotional and the 5 Speakers will be presenting in the Raymond Judo Club building beginning at 10am and ending at 3:35pm. Come and be inspired, learn something new and leave with a greater knowledge about the many different topics that our fantastic speakers will discuss.
Morning Devotional 
Participate in the opening devotional of our 2nd annual Chautauqua as we open our event with a welcome from Mayor George Bohne, listen to our national anthem and have a prayer offered by Reverend Marion Martin of the Raymond United Church!
Chautauqua Live Theatre Vignettes 
(10:15am -10:25am) 
Those who saw last years production of "Are We Not All Strangers" you know it is a must see show! Well the wait is over, part   Well in case you haven't purchased your tickets yet, some of the cast will be singing a couple of their songs for the show on Saturday at 12:00pm and again at 3:00pm. Tickets are $15 each and are available online at cardstoncommunitytheatre.com
Founding Faith Series - Raymond Baptist Church
In our 115 year history, many people and many faiths have laid the fabric of what our community is today. Come and listen to Pastor Al Litchfield of the Raymond Baptist Church as he gives a brief sermon on a particular Baptist doctrine.
Part 2 of Why We Get Sick and Fat And What Can We Do About It 

Join Jack Stone as he provides many interesting and little known stories and facts about the founding of the Town of Raymond and some other LDS settlements in southern Alberta.
Author/Publishing - Darryl Nelson 
Join Darryl Nelson as he describes the process he followed to first write and then publish the books he has written.

Part 2 of The Hutterites 
Join Bill Alston as he provides explores the culture and religion of our local Hutterite neighbours and friends. 

Satellites & GIS - Matt Wirzba & Godard 
Join Matt Wirba (Planet Labs Geomatics) and Godard (Whipcord Ltd) as they discuss the growing field of satellites and GIS technologies.