08 Raymond Ice Arena

If you love leisure winter activities, then check out the Raymond Ice Arena. Programs at the arena include: 3on3 Youth Hockey (formerly pond hockey), public skating, parent & tot skating, and birthday party rentals.
 Public Skating Definitions
  • Early Bird: Open ice time for all ages for public skating and/or shinny hockey. Sticks are allowed. 
  • Parent N' Tot: Open ice time for Parents and/or Guardians with young children. Strollers are allowed on the ice as long as the wheels are clean. Skate training equipment is allowed. No sticks allowed. 
  • Pickup Hockey: Open ice time for all ages for shinny hockey. Hockey Helmets mandatory. Sticks are allowed. 
  • Public Skating: Open ice time for all ages for public skating. No sticks allowed 
All Public Ice Times are free! 
Contact Information:
For booking 587-271-5107, email recreation@raymond.ca 
Location Address: 
50 W 100 N, Raymond, AB